TransSteel 2700

TransSteel 2700

Miller Dynasty 210DX

Miller Dynasty 210DX

Fronius MagicWave 230i

USD 0.00

The Magic wave is a completely digitised AC/DC Pulse TIG welder specifically suited to Aluminium welding.

17.00 kg


50/60 Hz

10 Amps - 180 Amps

3 Amps - 230 Amps

190 Amps @ 35%

230 Amps @ 35%

369 x 210 x 558 mm

100 V

The Fronius MagicWave features an extremely robust design and an exceptionally self-explanatory operating concept with bluetooth. Additionally the magicwave comes with Active Wave which makes TIG AC welding a much quieter business. The integrated digital signal processor always computes the waveform that will permit the highest possible arc stability with the lowest possible noise-emission levels in real time. Measurement of these noise levels clearly shows that with Active Wave, the dbA value is still below 80 dbA, even when the machine is delivering 300 Amps of power.
  • Intuitive menu navigation
  • Large 110mm colour screen
  • Bluetooth enabled for remotes, helmets and mobile phone
  • Lift Arc ignition / HF switch-selectable
  • Optional job storage
  • Pulse welding & optional Pulse Pro mode
  • Generator compatible
  • Changeable neck torch
  • Up/Down function via torch
  • Special tacking mode
  • Spot-welding
  • Auto tungsten cap shaping
  • Carrying strap
  • Thermostat-controlled fan
  • S-mark, CE-mark, C Tick
  • MW 230i G/W/F TIG AC/DC Inverter
  • Earth cable 35mm
  • 2 x 4mtr & clamp
  • TIG torch hose pack THP260i G/ML/F/UD/4m
  • TIG torch head TTB260A G/ML/70o/L55