Power Feed 25M Plastic Case Wire Feeder

Power Feed 25M Plastic Case Wire Feeder

Shindaiwa DGW201

Shindaiwa DGW201


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One touch thyristor controlled MIG welder with penetration control and dual parameter setting.

115.00 kg


50 - 400 Amps

400 Amps @ 35%


0.6 - 1.6 mm

0.9 - 1.6 mm

798 x 360 x 730 mm

70 V

The OTC Daihen Corporation is Japan‚ leading welding equipment manufacturer. They are bringing bold dreams to life by staying at the forefront of the technological revolution through rapid introduction of state of the art technologies. OTC Daihen has actively applied proprietary inverter technologies, fuzzy logic control technologies, and applied optic energy technologies to develop complete lines of compact, easy-to-use welding machines, enabling ultra-high precision processing.
  • One knob synergic control.
  • The machine delivers a built in preset voltage program to accommodate the amperage. (wire feed speed)
  • Separate control mode with infinite control over amperage and voltage
  • Easy to use cutting edge ‚Äòpenetration control‚Äô keeping the depth of penetration at a constant level even when tip to work distance varies for assured quality of welding
  • Powerful wire feed with solid state 110W motor and wore straightening crater fill/ dual parameter welding function for operator flexibility
  • Extra long 12mtr inter connecting cable for maximum flexibility
  • User Friendly design with simple operating panel
  • Self diagnostic system for ease of fault finding
  • Terminals for robotic and automatic machines
  • Power saving design, shielding gas saving function, on demand cooling fan, power saving sequence
  • Safety design. Covers on input and output terminals, thermostat for preventing over heating and low voltage drive for feeder for 24VDC
  • 400amp power source
  • Wire feeder with 10mtr interconnecting leads
  • 3mtr OTC 3510 MIG torch
  • Flow regulator
  • 5mtr earth lead
  • Gas hose
  • Instructon manual